CPRC Webinar

The Carolinas Plastics Recycling Council will host a ½ day webinar on November 10th from 9am – 1pm. Join other companies to hear about and discuss new innovations in the plastic recycling industry. Speakers will present information about facility expansions, new end markets, and policies affecting the industry. Presenters will update attendees on the state of plastics markets and what the industry can expect for the foreseeable future.


9:00 am - Welcome
9:15 am - The State of Plastic Recycling
9:30 am - Expansions to Plastic Recycling Capacity
10:15 am - Emerging Plastic Recycling Markets
11:30 am - Policy Drivers for Plastics Recycling
12:30 pm - Wrap-up and Final Thoughts

Tonya Randall, Stina
Miguel Burgoa, Clear Path
Mark Temple, Shaw Industries
Holli Alexander, Eastman
Tamsin Ettefagh, PureCycle
Tom Hockin, Brightmark
Kara Pochiro, Association of Plastics Recyclers
Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen, US Plastics Pact
Alex Schenck, PepsiCo


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