Take the "Recycle Two More Bottles" Pledge

If every household in the Carolinas recycled just two more bottles a week, we could create an additional 300 jobs!

Pledge now to recycle two more plastic bottles a week and help create jobs. Your participation will make a difference since we will be measuring how many pounds of bottles actually get recycled across the Carolinas campaign to determine if our outreach was successful. Please RECYCLE after you pledge.

Fill Out the Pledge Form and Become a Job Creator!

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Recycling Hero

How does recycling your bottle create jobs?
Recycling plastic into pellets and new products takes 15 steps. For you, it’s just one! 

Here’s how it works: 
When you put a plastic bottle in the recycling cart, it requires a skilled workforce to turn that bottle into new products. Real people with real jobs depend on the voluntary action of recycling. The Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign has a call to action and conveys the message that when you recycle, you put people to work.

How can you help?
If each Carolina household recycled just two more plastic bottles a week, we could create 300 new jobs. Become involved in the Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign by pledging to recycle two or more bottles a week. Or become a sponsor!

Tips for Proper Recycling
Follow these tips to make sure that your bottle is ready for recycling and doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Water, Sports Drink or Soda Bottles 
(#1 - PETE)*
• Empty out any liquids.
• Be sure no napkins or labels are in the bottle.
• Squeeze the bottle.
• Twist the cap back on. (Caps can be recycled, too!)

Milk Jugs, Laundry Detergent or Shampoo Bottles 
(#2 - HDPE) *
• Rinse, use remaining product, and replace cap before recycling.

*Recycle all plastic bottles, jugs and jars where the neck is smaller than the base. 

What and Where to Recycle

• North Carolina Recycling Centers
• South Carolina Recycling Centers