You Can Be a Job Creator

Individuals can make a difference, it’s easy!

If each Carolina household recycled just two more plastic bottles a week, we could create 300 new jobs!

Did you know that 6 billion bottles are thrown away in North and South Carolina? That's a lot of bottles and a lot of potential jobs being thrown away.

Look at what just 200 bottles can do - that's less than a bottle a day:

Plastic bottles are everywhere, whether it’s on your desk at work, at home in your bathroom and kitchen, at the park, at the gym, or in your car. When empty, they may seem as if they have no further use, but think again.

• By simply recycling plastic bottles that used to contain water, soda, shampoo, milk, laundry detergents, food and many other items, we can increase the available LOCAL recyclables for companies in our area. 

• An increase in RECYCLED material supports the bottle-to-bottle, automotive, textile, home furnishings, carpet, consumer products and other industries in the Carolinas. 

• All of this creates a positive economic impact locally and across the region with NEW JOBS, reduced or avoided landfill costs, and increased energy savings. The impact of recycling just a few more plastic bottles each week is an amazing JOB-CREATING, resource-saving act.

The Carolina's plastic recycling chain has over 200 companies involved in collecting, processing, and manufacturing recycled plastics. These companies help to save valuable resources and in turn, create revenue and JOBS for local communities.

Local Costs Less

Buying local saves money and conserves resources whether it's food or locally recycled plastic feedstocks. BUT, did you know that right now, across the Carolinas, there aren't enough plastic bottles being recycled to provide the needed materials that many of our states' manufacturers depend on to produce their products and create jobs?

While millions have been invested in the plastics recycling industry in our two states, (with a production capacity of over 750 million pounds a year) sadly, only 25% of the recycled plastic bottles needed to make these new products, comes from the Carolinas. That means that 75% of the needed materials are purchased elsewhere in the United States and overseas. This shortfall can be easily remedied... Recycle your plastic bottles and encourage others to do the same! 

You can even encourage schools, organizations and business to get involved by adding plastic bottle recycling receptacles or starting new recycling initiatives. Every bottle matters and you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you, yes you, are a job creator!

YOU can make a difference! 

YOU can recycle more plastic bottles!

YOU can be a job creator!