Corporate Sponsorship

We want your company or organization or you as an individual to join this Carolinas-wide campaign to recycle more plastic bottles. Sponsorship as part of our Brought To You By campaign means a listing on our website, promoting your company’s important work in resource recycling. As we see the transition to a more sustainable regional economy that uses resources right in front of us to further grow local jobs and capital, it is a great time for a partnership between the recycling industry, local governments and the communities they serve. It’s easy to join and get your important story out there to show how you support recycling's positive economic impact in the Carolinas.

For more information on sponsorships, sharing your company's success stories, and spotlighting your company:

• North Carolina Contact Email: Wendy Worley or Phone: 919 . 707 . 8136

• South Carolina Contact Email: Anna DeLage or Phone: 803 . 237 . 8447

• Complete our Sponsorship Form