Your Bottle Means Jobs toolkit for recycling coordinators, businesses, non-profits, and other recycling professionals helps spread the word about bottle recycling to help our Carolinas' economy.

What do you need to do? Recycle more and share our program! 

Items from the toolkit help share our message on the economic impact of plastic recycling:

Digital Media (for use on TV, radio, websites, etc.)

Printed Media (for use at events, for collateral material, and billboards in your community)

  • Pledge Card - have event/festival, school/university, and other attendees sign the pledge card to recycle 2 more bottles a week
  •  Recycling Kit- information explaining what happens to a bottle after it is placed in the recycling bin
  • Lesson Plans- activities and lesson plans to teach kids about the recycling process
  • Fast Facts - bottle-to-product conversions
  • Stickers-stickers for attendees saying they recycled or took the pledge
  • Consumer Brochure (PDF Version)- mini-brochure explaining the economic impact of recycling bottles
  • Billboards- community engagement and messaging via billboards
  • Signage- use on your recycling bins to educate on the bottles to jobs message
  • Role Play - elementary school lesson for teachers

If you would like to use any of our demo products that show the 4-step recycling process or more extensive toolkit items, please email


That's just two additional bottles recycled each week by each household. That's a pretty easy way to have a jobs impact in the Carolinas and our communities!

Be sure to check out the Success Stories page to see how the simple act of recycling plastic bottles has created jobs for people in the Carolinas.