Mascot Recycling Challenge

You Can Get Involved in the Mascot Recycling Challenge!

During the 5-Week contest (Friday, October 1 – Sunday, November 7) check out the Mascot Recycling Challenge on Facebook and Instagram. Then, like and share posts using #MascotRecyclingChallenge from your favorite participating school (see schools below). There are two prizes for the winning schools, one for the most bottles recycled and one for the most likes and shares. Yep, it's that easy!

Winning schools not only will win bragging rights but they will also win a special trophy!

About the Challenge:

Plastic bottles are everywhere! They are in your home, at the park, at the gym, in your car, at football games, and on college campuses. The 5-week Mascot Recycling Challenge (MRC) kicks-off on Friday, October 1. The challenge is designed to do the following:

  • Encourage Colleges/Universities to recycle plastic bottles 
  • Bring awareness to the economic and environmental benefits of recycling your plastic bottles in the Carolinas
  • Support green jobs in the Carolinas

The Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign is excited to see all the participating Colleges/Universities battle head-to-head in the Mascot Recycling Challenge.



5-Weeks: Monday, October 1 – Sunday, November 7 

One Contest, Two Prizes! To participate in the 5-week Mascot Recycling Challenge, Colleges/ Universities need to provide one (1) short video* or one (1) photo* with the school Mascot advocating recycling plastic bottles and report how many plastic bottles are recycled. All submissions must include a short blurb with the video or photo.


  • Prize 1: Most Likes & Shares (across all social media platforms)
  • Prize 2: Most Plastic Bottles Recycled


  • Provide one (1) video (30 seconds or less) or one (1) photo with the YBMJ/Mascot Recycling Challenge brand displayed*. Photo & Video Size Requirements 1:1 ratio. 
  • Provide a blurb with one (1) video or one (1) photo 
  • All graphics must include the YBMJ/Mascot Recycling Challenge brand*. Submission will be disqualified, if the content is not branded. 
  • If you want graphic support, please submit a visual of the Mascot (video or photo*) by Friday, September 10. Email to SC Department of Commerce. 
  • If the College/University is taking the responsibility of editing the graphic, please submit the final content (video or photo*) by Friday, September 17 (a toolkit with graphics will be provided through email). 
  • The College/University must TAG (Your Bottle Means Jobs) when posting the graphic on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - See below). **Please post graphic during the designated time-frame. 
  • The College/University must use the #MascotRecyclingChallenge hashtag.
  • When YBMJ post the College/University’s graphic, the school must Like & Share the graphic on (YBMJ) social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - See below)
  • Track and report recycling tonnage during the time-frame (October 1 – November 7). 
  • Colleges/Universities must submit the tonnage report (for all recycling) by Monday, November 8. 
  • Email all graphics and recycling tonnages to SC Department of Commerce


  • Monday, November, 15, 2021 – America Recycles Day 
  • Winners will be contacted and announced on the YBMJ social media platforms 
  • A winner graphic will be provided for the College/University to share on their social media page 
  • A trophy will be provided to the winner